ACA Non-Standard Contract Clauses Course-“Can You Afford to Ignore Them?”

Through our affiliation with the Alberta Construction Association (ACA), we have access to a workshop they have created. “Can You Afford to Ignore Them?” is an interactive exchange of information on the meaning of non-standard contract clauses and their impact.  When there is a lack of understanding of the risk, and the risk materializes, the bidder can jeopardize their business and disputes can arise.

The results arising from this workshop will assist you to reduce your risks in responding to tenders containing non-standard terms and as importantly assist the industry in advocating change with Project Owners. Follow the link below to the registration page:

 Non-Standard Contract Clauses – “Can You Afford to Ignore Them?” (click here for more information and to register)

 PUTTING YOUR UNDERSTANDING INTO PRACTICE!  This Workshop is structured as an interactive exchange over the meaning and impact of non-standard clauses.  This exchange will be followed by the participants responding to a tender containing a multitude of clauses and submitting a bid to the presenter who will analyze the bids and provide feedback.

The course cost is only $50.00. If you have any questions, please reach out to the ACA or their education consultant:

Ken Gibson                                                          Debbie Hicks
Executive Director                                             President
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