Master Glazier Program Update/Questionnaire

The PGAA would like to bring you up to date on your Master Glazier Program (MGP) development. However, we need the support of our members. We will get right to the point.

First off, the PGAA must have your support if we are to keep the MGP moving forward. To date, we have created two courses with the support of our volunteer Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and have two more courses under development. A huge thanks to the SMEs who have donated and are donating their time to develop these courses.  While our industry confirmed their support for the MGP, in 2012, we have been challenged finding SME’s to volunteer some of their time to help with the development of courses. We need more industry experts to step up.

Secondly, for SAIT to schedule further courses we need to fill the seats. Currently industry is not supporting these courses. To date SAIT has twice cancelled the Doors and Related Hardware course due to a lack of interest. Note that along with your journeyman glaziers many of your staff would find these courses beneficial including estimators, project managers, purchasers, etc.

More than simply asking if you support the program, in general, we are asking if you truly support the program, and will be committing your people to development or education. We need commitments. We are asking you to submit names of people within your company that would volunteer their time as an SME. We will supply details on what being an SME entails and what the process is like, but, need experts to help us finish the program. Next, we need to know the number of people that you feel you will register for courses over the next 12 months. Your response to these questions will determine the fate of the Master Glazier Program.

If you have any questions regarding the MGP please visit or contact one of the co-chairs.

Please return this questionnaire to Thank you.

Your Company Name:___________________________________________________

SME Volunteers Names:_________________________________________________


Number of employees you would register over the next 12 months: ____________________

Co-Chairs:    Ross Wady  Jim Brady   Richard Neal

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