Glass Standard Updates – Construction Canada

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ATCC – Prompt Payment & Construction Lien Act

On September 6th, 7th & 8th, ATCC and Gowling WLG’s Construction Practice Group in Alberta invites you to join a complimentary webinar to help you understand the new legislation and its impact on your organization, including your administrative processes, contracts, bonding, financing, insurance, and project delivery.

The webinar will include over 100 FAQ’s relating to prompt payment, builders’ liens and holdbacks, adjudication, consolidation, the transition period and what your organization can do to get prepared.

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Skilled Trades & Apprenticeship Education Act – Round 5: Stakeholder Briefing

Please find attached the slide deck from recent meeting. Additionally, on Tradesecrets you will find all of the slide decks from recent engagements.

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ATCC Meeting Minutes

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Prompt Payment and Construction Lien Act

As part of our continuing effort to inform our clients, contacts and industry associations of the upcoming implementation of the Prompt Payment and Construction Lien Act, we attach for your reference Issue No. 2 of our FAQ series.


These further 50 FAQs result from questions asked about the new legislation in more than 30 webinars we presented over the last three months to various sectors of the construction industry including owners, consultants, contractors, trades, suppliers, insurers and financial institutions, so the questions reflect the interests and concerns of a broad cross section of the construction industry.


We plan to issue two more FAQs – before the August 29, 2022 effective date of the legislation – consisting of over 100 additional questions and answers resulting from the webinar series and will make sure that you receive a copy of any further FAQs that we issue before and after the prompt payment legislation comes into effect.


We have also attached for your ease of reference a copy of our first FAQs which previously provided an overview of the legislation.


Trust that this is helpful.


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ATCC NEWS – Please see attached letter addressed to the Advanced Education Minister regarding the New Provincial Board and Construction Trade Concerns.

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I am pleased to share that the Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Education Act was proclaimed on June 29, 2022 and will come into force on July 20, 2022. As you may recall, the new act provides a framework for Alberta to become a national and international leader in skilled trades and apprenticeship education through increased flexibility, modernized governance, and strengthened system roles.


Since June 2021, when the act received Royal Assent, Advanced Education has engaged in extensive consultation with colleges, polytechnical institutions, employers, apprentices, unions, and associations to develop regulations to support the act. I am excited to introduce three new regulations as a result of this work:


All three regulations have been structured to reduce red tape, streamline decision-making, and simplify administrative processes.


I am also pleased to announce that the new act will establish the new Alberta Board of Skilled Trades, which will be responsible for consulting with industry on standards for trades and advising me on the needs of the Alberta labour market for skilled trades professionals. I have appointed 15 members to this board, including the Board Chair, Mr. Raymond Massey. These appointments are effective on July 20, 2022.


I am happy to answer questions about this new legislation and encourage you to email with any inquiries. The Apprenticeship and Industry Training website,, will also be updated with comprehensive information about processes and policies under the new act.


I am confident that the regulations and legislative framework will allow Alberta to respond to new challenges or opportunities.





Demetrios Nicolaides

Minister of Advanced Education … read more