Alberta Advanced Education (Letter from office of the minister)

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1st Year Spots – 2023 – $500 Grant!!

Good morning all!!

We need to come together as an industry and get our apprenticeship program classes full and in a hurry!. Below are the current registration numbers for Calgary, Edmonton to follow once confirmed. We need a minimum of 4 students to run the class (1 currently in the first year class, 2023). We have already seen the learning institution cut classes due to lack of interest and we are now at critical fork in the road. If this class does not get the minimum number of registrations required to proceed we are at the risk of losing more classes and possibly the entire program. Not running this first year class in January of 2023 will only create a negative snowball effect with the following years 2-4. This program is critical for our industry, ensuring our forces are properly trained in this dynamic field.

With that being said, PGAA will be offering a $500.00 incentive grant to all 1st year apprentices that register for this January 9th, 2023 course in Calgary and the next 1st year class scheduled for Edmonton. We will be offering this for only these 2 first year classes, 1 in Calgary and 1 in Edmonton (on a ‘trial’ basis). Once the trial period concludes, we will review the results and determine steps moving forward. 

We all know how hard it is to take 6 weeks off of work especially in these times, groceries need to be purchased, bills and rent / mortgages need to be paid, EI waiting periods, etc.  PGAA executive understands that it is a very difficult decision to make, having to weigh bettering a career against everyday life which is why we are proposing this incentive in hopes of lessening the burden on our apprentices.

Feel free to reach out to any of the PGAA board members if you have any questions. Lets get bums in these seats!!

1st Year: January 9/23.

1- registered, 19-seats available.


2nd Year: September 19/22.

8-registered, 12-seats available.


3rd Year: February 27/23.

6-registered, 14-seats available.


4th Year: November 7/22.

11-registered, 9-seats available. … read more

ATCC Update

Alberta Queens Printer has recently published the consolidated version of the PPCL Act online at the link provided below:

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