Proposed changes to the 2020 National Model Codes – ATCC Update

The Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC) is inviting the public to take part in the first public review of proposed changes to the 2020 editions of the National Model Codes, including the National Building Code of Canada, the National Fire Code of Canada, the National Plumbing Code of Canada and the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings.

The public review will run from October 24 to December 23. 

First public review of proposed changes to the 2020 National Model Codes  – Energy Manager ( … read more

ATCC Letter to Alberta’s new Premier

221011_Premier Smith_ATCC congratulations … read more


Prompt Payment File

As approved at the last meeting the prompt payment team (PPT) has been working on an agreement with ADRIA (nominating authority, NA) that would provide ATCC / APPC an opportunity to provide oversight to the operations of a single source NA. We have come very close to an acceptable agreement however, a new issue has recently come to our attention. ADRIA does not intend to provide adjudicators with a single source, highly secure location at which their adjudicators would be required to receive and store confidential documents. ADRIA has proposed that each individual adjudicator will be responsible for securing the documents received in the performance of an adjudication. The PPT believes this is an unacceptable risk for all parties involved. we have reached out to individuals in the industry who have all concurred with our position and throughout the PP consultations, confidentiality and the protection of private information was consistently referenced as a very high priority.

So, we are at an impasse, we have expressed our concern to ADRIA, at this point we are withholding our letter of support for a single source NA, an we are considering our next move.



As you are aware, ATCC representatives met with Minister Nicolaides on August 22, to discuss, highest priority, the reinstatement of period exams. The Minister was very receptive to our concerns and expressed a deep interest in correcting this issue. I have attached the letter sent to the Minister immediately after the meeting and his response, received last week. It would appear that our bark has no bite. Again, we are considering our options. The election of new Premier and likely a new cabinet, may provide opportunity.


Change Order Guide

I have received approval to add an ATCC cover to the document and will be getting final artwork done for approval and distribution shortly.


Onerous Contract Clauses.

A number of contracts and onerous clauses are available through the ARCA website. Please have your members contact ARCA for access.


Website Development

A website framework has been developed. Further development is on hold until such time ATCC has completed a strategic plan.


New UCP Leader, Premier elect

A congratulatory letter is being drafted to the new UCP Leader Danielle Smith outlining the key ATCC issues. TBD October 11.


Strategic Plan

I suspect Terry will call a meeting for our next meeting and initiation of a strategic plan sometime within the next 2 months.


Stay tuned, and safe travels over the holiday.


Best regards,


Russ Evans, MEM

General Manager

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Trade Contractors Council

#204, 2725 12th Street NE Calgary, Alberta T2E 7J2

220823_STAE_ Nicolaides_ATCC_Follow up_FNL

220926_Nicolaides response … read more

2022 Versions of Form A & Form B

Please be advised the updated versions of Form A and B are attached. Please remove older versions from your files as they no longer reflect the new Prompt Pay legislation and should not be used if prime contracts between owner and GC were signed on or after August 29th, 2022. Updated contracts attached to be used with the existing copyright seals. ACA Form A 2022 ACA Form B 2022 … read more