25% of Calgary job vacancies are in the construction sector

Last fall saw 7,560 construction trade and management roles go unfilled.

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According to data analyzed by Alberta Jobs, Economy and Trade, there were 7,560 construction trades and management job vacancies in the Calgary economic region in Q3 2023, representing a one-quarter of all job vacancies (30,500) in the city.

The Calgary Construction Association stated that the data, compiled by Statistics Canada, underscores a critical challenge faced by the construction industry, which plays a pivotal role in fueling economic growth, infrastructure development, and job creation within Calgary.

“The construction industry is the backbone of Calgary’s development, and the current job vacancies present a significant impediment to the projects that drive our city forward,” said Bill Black, President and COO of the Calgary Construction Association.

The shortage spans a spectrum of positions, including skilled trades, project management, and various specialized roles crucial to construction projects of all sizes.

“This shortage not only impacts the pace of ongoing projects but also poses a potential threat to the timely construction of new infrastructure on the horizon. It’s a multifaceted challenge that requires immediate attention and collaborative solutions,” said Black. “What happens when you struggle to find the workers needed to build the housing and civic infrastructure required for a growing City? Costs increase, projects are delayed, and affordability tanks.”

The Calgary Construction Association is calling on stakeholders, including government bodies, educational institutions, and industry partners, to work together in addressing the root causes of the labour shortage.

“Addressing this labour shortage is not just the responsibility of the construction industry. It requires a coordinated effort from government stakeholders, the K-12 education system, post-secondary institutions, industry and broader society to ensure a sustainable and skilled workforce for the future,” stated Black.

The CCA remains committed to fostering dialogue and collaboration to find effective, long-term solutions that will strengthen Calgary’s construction industry and support constructing the Calgary of the future.