The purpose of the PGAA is to:

  1. Speak for the commercial glazing industry, in Alberta, on matters of provincial concern and interest.
  2. Promote the pursuit of excellence within our industry.
  3. Achieve and maintain compulsory certification through continuous apprenticeship training.
  4. Support SAIT and NAIT in publicizing and filling apprenticeship classes.
  5. Promote safety and environmental responsibility for the public and our glaziers.
  6. Promote harmonious working relationships among our members, and industry, for the benefit of the industry as a whole.
  7. Provide opportunities for the exchange of opinion and coordination of efforts among members.
  8. Encourage ethical conduct in all matters by members.
  9. Promote the glazing trade and construction trades overall, to potential future employees, through various mediums.
  10. Discuss and spread the word of new technologies, approaches, and methodologies, to all members.
  11. Move contract glazing work, or selected aspects therin, to a compulsory or restricted trade position, where certification and training are mandatory.

Towards these ends we have created the PGAA website.  We have regular executive meetings, work with other provincial and national construction and trade associations, and promote membership of, and to, all glazing companies in Alberta.