Alberta Government Replaces the PAC/LAC Connection to Trades with the My Skilled Networks Interface

With the introduction of the Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Education Act, 2022-07-20, the Provincial Advisory Committee (PAC) and the Local Advisory Committees (LACs) were dropped by the Government of Alberta’s Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT), in favour of an unnamed new future vehicle to provide a replacement linkage between industry and AIT. While senior AIT staff acknowledge that the PAC/LAC linkage worked well for glaziers, it apparently did not work well for many of the other 46 trades in Alberta.

As such, with much prodding from associations who needed this vital link restored, the My Skilled Trades Network (My STN) has been created to provide an opportunity for individuals to input through surveys, focus groups, town halls, and temporary committees, to AIT.

This opportunity is open to certified journeypersons, supervisors, employers, trainers, or member of a stakeholder organization with knowledge of one or more skilled trades or Alberta’s apprenticeship system. While largely unheralded to date, there are currently 700 people signed up for My STN, but thus far only 4 people from the glazing trade. We need to get this number up and to have a voice on what happens in our industry.

The types of feedback that may be called for may include, contributing to what is taught and tested in apprenticeship education, feedback on course outlines, curriculum guides, period exams, and red seal exams, evaluating exams and apprentice’s work experience, decision’s to recognize foreign glazier credentials, providing input on what activities should be restricted to those certified in our trade, and more.

From the perspective of our associations (PGAA, GAMA, GTA) we lose a lot with the dissolution of the PAC/LAC apparatus, as we knew who these committees were, we heard back from them on issues, direction, and future changes, and they were our vehicle for communicating issues and concerns back to AIT. With this new network, and through the blockage of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP), this group will be completely anonymous, so it is important that we have representation to My STN to support and protect our industry.

If you are interested in contributing your ideas and thoughts, please sign up at the following link, My Skill Trades Network SignUp, or scan and follow the QR code shown below. The application below takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete and you will receive a call to vet your application. Please sign up for this important industry linkage, and let’s ensure that the voice of industry is heard loudly at AIT?