ATCC – Change Order Protocol

The attached document has been sent to the ACA, CCA & ECA with the message below with the hopes of encouraging widespread adoption of the document by the industry.


Dear Ken, Bill, David,

Attached is the 2022 ATCC Change Order Protocol. This document as been developed by the construction trades and endorsed by the 11 Alberta trade contractor association partners of ATCC.

The protocol will be distributed to each of the partner’s individual contractor members with a request that the protocol be referenced on all future bid documents and signed contracts.

We invite you to also share the Change Order Protocol with your membership.

Reviewing the protocol document you may notice it was initially redeveloped by MCA Alberta from previous versions, it has reviewed and endorsed by MCA Canada and is currently being reviewed by the National Trade Contractors Council of Canada (NTCCC). We anticipate it will eventually find its way to CCA (Canada) for its consideration.

ATCC believes this is a comprehensive guide to managing change orders and, as such, it is an important document that will provide significant value to the construction sector. Any changes that may be suggested by subsequent reviews will be minor and do not warrant holding up the distribution and widespread application of the principles expressed within the document.

Thank you for your consideration, we look forward to continuing to work with you to enhance the construction industry.


Terry Milot

Chairman, ATCC

Russ Evans, MEM

General Manager

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Trade Contractors Council

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