Calgary Construction Association (CCA) Unveils Their Policy Platform for the Upcoming Provincial Election

The CCA platform, entitled “Building A Better Calgary,” (see proposes a range of measures designed to foster an environment in which construction businesses can thrive, create jobs, and drive economic growth across the province. The three key policy priorities are:

The CCA recommends the implementation of policies aimed at encouraging young people to pursue careers in the construction trades, including increased funding for training and apprenticeship programs. Moreover, we call on the Government of Alberta to work with the Government of Canada to expand the Provincial Nominee Program, ensuring that an adequate amount of labour is selected and fast-tracked into Alberta’s construction industry.

Specific calls to action include support for an airport LRT link, funding for Phase 2 of the Green Line LRT project to Carrington and Seton, support for the new Event Centre and River’s District plan, and further funding for the City of Calgary’s Downtown Revitalization efforts.

The CCA believes that the construction industry is critical to the future success of Alberta. CCA believes that our policy platform outlines a bold vision for how we can work together with the government and other stakeholders to create an environment in which construction businesses can flourish and continue to drive economic growth across the province.

As you may be aware, the release of the policy platform comes ahead of the upcoming provincial election, which is set to take place on May 29, 2023. We are committed to working with government, industry stakeholders and our members to help turn these recommendations into concrete action.