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Discover an exciting career in Alberta’s booming Glass & Metal Industry.

Alberta needs more Glaziers!

Whenever you see a shimmering glass-sheathed highrise, a housing project or a storefront window, chances are you are seeing the work of a glazier.

What do these workers do?

Glass is widely used in modern architecture and glaziers are called on to do a lot of different tasks:

Glazing is a time-honoured trade dating back thousands of years. Today, glaziers have never been more in demand. Here in Alberta, with residential and commercial construction booming, there is an urgent need to hire hundreds of people to work in glazing-related jobs.

Did you know?
Clear Opportunities

Glazing companies in Alberta and across North America need to recruit qualified people as fast as possible to overcome a serious skills shorage. A recent survey of Alberta glazing companies shows hundreds of new openings will be created in the industry over the next decade. Almost a quarter of the existing glaziers will retire in the next five years plus new jobs will be created to meet the economic demand.

Clear Demand

Get into Glazing: Become a Glazier!

Eager to work in glazing? Find a job with an employer who is willing to participate in the apprenticeship program. Both you and the employer must register in the program.

For more information on the glazing trade and apprenticeship training, visit Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training or phone your local Apprenticeship and Industry Training office by calling 310-0000 (toll-free if long distance) and ask to be connected.