Fenestration Canada Seeking New Board Member Representing Commercial Glazing

Fenestration Canada is seeking one (1) qualified individual to serve on the board of directors for the
2024-2026 term of office. Members of the board identify opportunities to advance the glazing / door
and window industry while also improving and expanding upon programs and services that support and
benefit the profession and our members.

Directors are asked to: attend a minimum of four (4) board meetings (two virtual and two in-person, in Toronto), the Annual General Meeting and other special meetings on a yearly basis; contribute time and effort for the betterment of Fenestration Canada; support and work to further the association’s goals and vision; devote the requisite time to fulfill their duties as a board member; and possess a leadership orientation and desire to add value to the Association, its members, and the industry.

The nomination process is designed to identify, encourage and enlist the active participation of
dedicated professionals in the service of Fenestration Canada at a leadership level. The procedures
outlined below assist the nominating committee to conduct a fair and equitable evaluation,
deliberation and recommendation process for all nominated candidates.
2024–2026 Terms of Reference for Open Fenestration Canada Director Positions
Directors are entrusted to provide awareness of industry issues, interests and trends; provide leadership
and support; implement the strategic direction and speak on behalf of the association on local and
national issues as authorized by the board. Directors serve for a 2-year term of office. Every effort will be
made to ensure geographical and sector representation on the board.

GENERAL DIRECTOR POSITION (One (1) position available):
Roles and Responsibilities:
● Keep the board of directors abreast of trends and developments on a regular or as needed basis.
● Provide regular updates at the board of directors’ meetings as required.
● Build and enhance relationships with current and future members and stakeholders.
● Assist with communicating and implementing strategic initiatives.
● Attend all board meetings, the AGM and other meetings as required by the board.
● Assist with member renewal and recruitment initiatives and processes as required.
● Serve on at least one committee and assist it/them and other committees as required.
● Assist in other areas as required by the board.
Key Competencies:
● Strong knowledge of and ability to articulate and discuss issues and challenges facing the industry.
● Good understanding of Fenestration Canada’s initiatives and strategic goals and direction.
● Strong network in the glazing / window and door industry an asset
National Time Requirements: Approximately 3 hours per month.

Timeline for Nomination & Election Process
The general process and timeline for the nomination process is:
● Nomination application deadline: December 20th, 2023.
● The nomination committee will review all applications, conduct interviews as required and
forward a recommended slate of nominees to the Board of Directors that are in compliance with
By-laws, ensure the Board of Directors as a whole represents the range of participants in the
industry and maintains continued leadership and effective governance practices.
● Slate of nominees presented by the nominating committee to the board for approval

To apply, please see the Nomination Form at the link below: