Glass Trades Association (GTA) Provides Additional Prompt Payment Updates from the Edmonton Construction Association (ECA)

Lynn Allan of Alcon Glass and the GTA, forwarded dome information on the Prompt Payment Construction Lien Act (PPCLA) from the ECA. The information was compiled by the law firm of Gowling WLG Group, and may be be helpful as this becomes the practice in Alberta.

The PPCLA has been in effect since 2022-09-29, for all jobs where the prime contract was signed on or after that date. Therefore, for many jobs these are just coming into effect for work being done now. In the first thirteen months of the PPCLA Alberta has seen seven adjudications, but based on the Ontario experience of just three in year one moving to over five hundred in year four, we will see a major in adjudications as we proceed.

Of note, their has been no noticeable decrease in construction liens in Ontario, over this period, but payments have improved dramatically.

See the attachments to understand how you can best utilize this Act.