Benefits – What’s in it for me?

  1. Glazing Systems Specification Manual
    Originally published to bring a benchmark of consistent quality throughout the glazing industry, the purpose of the manual is to establish minimum guidelines, increase credibility & trust toward practicing members, as well as guide users toward correct glazing practices. Stop reinventing the wheel! When in doubt, refer to the manual, available through the PGAA.
  2. Luncheons, Dinners & Guest Speakers
    A great venue to relax and catch up with some friends and maybe learn (or teach!) a thing or two.
  3. Product Knowledge
    Make the most of the collective experience of the leading suppliers, glaziers, and glazing experts throughout Alberta.
  4. Networking
    Catch up with the industry news that can’t be printed in the media! Exchange information and make deals. You can’t put a price on it!
  5. History of Solving Industry Issues
    The Association faces tough issues as an industry rather than on an individual basis. Strength in numbers!
  6. Canadian Glass Association Affiliation
    Share information from glazing contractors and suppliers from across Canada through our affiliation with the Canadian Glass Association.

How to Join

Fill in and mail the application to the address listed on the bottom of the PDF form: