NAIT’s First Period Glazier Class is in Need of Students

NAIT’s First Period Glazier Class, which runs 2023-03-06 to 2023-04-14 is in need of apprentices to fill the class. Your company can help by enrolling your labourers and first-year apprentices, in the glazier apprenticeship program. Through a pilot program currently in effect, all first-year glazier apprentices will receive a $500.00 bursary, from the Provincial Glaziers Association of Alberta, when they begin there first-year class. Go to the AIT (Apprenticeship and Industry Training) website to register your apprentices. If you need assistance with the process please contact Ross Wady at 780-446-8213 or, or Rick Makepeace at 780-953-2047 or

These seats are open to glaziers from anywhere in Alberta or from outside the province. If you have students you want to get into class, this is a great opportunity.

NAIT’s Glazing School has an excellent glazing program that needs your support. Thank you.