Fenestration Canada Seeking New Board Member Representing Commercial Glazing

Fenestration Canada is seeking one (1) qualified individual to serve on the board of directors for the2024-2026 term of office. Members of the board identify opportunities to advance the glazing … read more

New PGAA President Announced

With the resignation of Jim Brady from the PGAA Executive 2023-11-22, Stuart Cantrill, owner of the Glass Guild in Calgary, has stepped in as the President of PGAA. Stuart brings … read more

Procore Presents the Results of Their 2023 Canadian Building Survey “How We Build Now”

Last week Procore’s road show to role out findings of a recent survey the did across Canada, on the changing building environment, came through Calgary. Their findings, along with a … read more

Alberta Trade Contractors Association (ATCC) Update on the Global Apprenticeship Summit-2023-09-28

Karen Rutherford, Executive Director of the Alberta Roofing Contractors Association (ARCA) attended the Global Apprenticeship Summit, held 2023-09-28, in Ottawa, on behalf of the Alberta Trade Contractors Association (ATCC). Karen … read more

Trade Pathways Set To Expand to the Entire Province

Trade Pathways is an Alberta Construction Association ((ACA) and the Provincial Glaziers Association of Alberta (PGAA) was also a founding member and participant) pilot program funded by the Government of … read more

Glass Trades Association (GTA) Provides Additional Prompt Payment Updates from the Edmonton Construction Association (ECA)

Lynn Allan of Alcon Glass and the GTA, forwarded dome information on the Prompt Payment Construction Lien Act (PPCLA) from the ECA. The information was compiled by the law firm … read more

Alberta Trade Contractors Council (ATCC) Seeks Your Help With a Prompt Payment Survey

In its first thirteen months, the Prompt Payment Construction Lien Act (PPCLA) has only had seven arbitrations. This is not that unusual. Ontario only had three, in their first year, … read more

Alberta Government Initiating a Prompt Payment Legislation Consultation with Industry

Ahead of a September consultation with industry that the Alberta Government, via Service Alberta, is initiating, the Alberta Construction Association is seeking feedback on the Prompt Payment Construction Lien Act … read more

Labour Minister behind Ontario’s Surge in Apprenticeships

Ontario Labour Minister Monte McNaughton doesn’t quite remember when he first got a taste of construction and the trades because he was probably too young to remember. He grew up … read more

Australian Constructors Association Calls Out Excessive Risk versus No Rewards in 2023-07 Publication

With the profitability and sustainability of the Australian building sector highly questionable (profit margins averaging 1% and liquidity at just 5%), the dysfunction of this large sector of the Australian … read more