SAIT and NAIT Offering Different Delivery Methods for Their Respective Glazier Programs

Did you know that NAIT and SAIT now offer different “Delivery Types” for the structure and approach used to deliver the glazing program?!

SAIT continues to follow what’s known as the “Block Release” delivery type for the glazing program.

This delivery type:
– Has classes with fixed start dates and completion dates.
– Glazing apprentices leave work and attend school for the entire 8 week block of time.
– Glazing apprentices work on the job and once during each period of the apprenticeship program, attend in person instruction.

NAIT has switched to the WATS (Weekly Apprenticeship Training System) delivery type for the glazing program.

This delivery type:
– Is formerly known as “Day Release”
– offers training in shorter segments over an extended period of time
– allows the glazing apprentice to remain employed on a full time basis

Both institutes follow the same mandated curriculum, however, NAITs new approach offers opportunity for those apprentices who cannot afford to be off work for 8 weeks, a chance to participate in the program!

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Whitney Wilson, 2024-01-05