Seeking Resumes for Prospective Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Education Act Board Members

Recently the Alberta Trade Contractors Council (ATCC), of whom the Provincial Glaziers Association of Alberta (PGAA) is a member, met with Advanced Education Minister Rajan Sawhney. One of the topics of discussion was the Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Education Act (STAE) board makeup. Industry is sadly underrepresented on this board, while Post-Secondary Institutions (PSIs) are over-represented.

It has been well established that Alberta trade contractor business owners provide 80% of the training of the apprenticeship population. They pay the apprentices salaries, benefits and payroll deductions to the government, and often cover the tuition costs for their apprentices. These employers also hold all the liability for the quality of work that apprentices do on their behalf. As such, the ATCC insists that government provide contractor business owners with appropriate representation on the Board which provides oversight to the STAEA. The board meets quarterly in Edmonton, and there is usually a virtual option available.

Minister Sawhney has committed to looking into this representation issue and as such the ATCC board has committed to getting at least two resumes from contractors/business owner members of each of the eleven association who make up the ATCC, who would be willing to let their names stand as potential STAE board members, for consideration by the Minister.

If you are a glazing contractor/business owner who would consider being a part of the STAE board and representing our industry, please submit your resume to by 2024-04-15 latest, to have it forwarded along to the ATCC team, for submission to the Minister.

Thanks for considering this request. PGAA Board.