Trade Pathways Set To Expand to the Entire Province

Trade Pathways is an Alberta Construction Association ((ACA) and the Provincial Glaziers Association of Alberta (PGAA) was also a founding member and participant) pilot program funded by the Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Advanced Education. The program aims to aid participating employers in recruitment while providing support and work experience to develop unemployed and underemployed Albertans into trade apprentices.

The initial pilot began March 15, 2022 in the Edmonton region supporting the carpenter, glazier, and commercial roofer trades. The program has since received additional funding to expand to the rest of Alberta and now supports additional apprenticeship trades offered by participating employers.

The expansion extends the program until April 30, 2026.

The initial pilot was just in the Edmonton area with Beacon Glass, Flynn Canada, and Alberta Glass, as participants. The results to date have been very positive. The program has expended to Calgary over the summer, with the same limited participants, and is now set to go province wide to all companies.

The program works (website at Pathway to the Trades ( as follows:

Placement Process

  1. Employers have access to the program candidate pool containing applicant resumes and hiring information.
  2. Applicants are contacted and interviewed by employers for relevant job openings.
  3. If a placement offer is made and accepted the employer notifies the program by email with the following information:
    a. Applicant Name
    b. Start Date
    c. Start Wage
    Note : An employer can self-refer candidates to the program by having them apply online at . Candidates out of the pool can be enrolled with an employer if the candidate is eligible at the time of application and their enrollment is completed prior to their start date.
  4. Employers onboard Trade Pathways participants as they would any other new hire.
  5. Once enrolled, the program provides the participant relevant tools, workwear, and PPE within a few days. If required, transportation assistance is also arranged.
  6. Two weeks prior to the end of a 90-day placement the employer will receive an online form to obtain a performance review and assess whether the participant will be offered continued employment.
  7. 2 weeks after the placement end date another short online form will be sent to the employer to
    obtain relevant reimbursement information. Reimbursements are typically paid within 30 days of receiving this information.
  8. If the participant does not continue with the employer they may receive six weeks of financial
    assistance and additional training to assist them in securing a placement with another program
  9. If the participant continues with the employer and registers in a school session as an apprentice
    within one year from their enrollment date, the program will pay for one year of tuition.
    Note : Candidates can be enrolled up to four weeks before their work placement start date. These
    participants will receive financial support and employer requested training during this period.
    Employer Benefits
    ● 50% Wage Subsidy
    ● 100% Training Reimbursement
    ● WCB Coverage
    ● Recruitment Assistance
    Participant Eligibility
    ● Unemployed or underemployed
    ● Alberta resident
    ● 18 to 35 years of age
    ● Available for full-time employment
    Participant Benefits
    ● Free tools and workwear
    ● Transportation assistance
    ● Training and certifications
    ● Financial assistance while training
    ● 1 year of apprenticeship tuition