Volunteers Needed-PGAA

PGAA is in need of some volunteers, as we move forward with our stated objectives, as follows:

  1. Getting the PGAA Website fully functional and getting more bodies trained to update meeting minutes, calendars, and new items.
  2. Getting a single PGAA database of all members and subscribers, including PGAA, GAMA, GTA, PGAA-Executive, GAMA-Executive, GTA-Executive, Non-Members, All and Others. See the proposed format attached. With the changes to website software, this may need to be delivered directly in MailChimp.
  3. Continuing to send out updates and news to all of our recipients based on specific affiliations
  4. Continuing to put “Bums in Seats” at both SAIT and NAIT (including follow through on our $500.00 bursary offer to first year students at both NAIT and SAIT, during it’s trial period).
  5. Helping to draw young and foreign workers into the Canadian Construction industry. This is a hot topic right now with the Alberta Construction Association, the Alberta Trade Council Coalition, Calgary Construction Association, and other groups. We need to be involved.
  6. Becoming a restricted trade. This is difficult to pursue until we get more volunteers to help out with PGAA.

Currently the PGAA is in need of a President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, and Directors at Large. If you, or someone you know, has time and energy to commit to your industry, please contact Gary porter at gary.p@albertaglass.com or at 780 966 8684. Your help is greatly appreciated.